that’s how i’m feeling right about now. i can’t explain it, nor do i know what to do to change it but today is not the day for me. i may have thrown my life balance off by being so super productive yesterday, but geez i had no choice. without cable and internet to distract me i was just in the zone.

i recently moved, don’t know how much more moving i can take but for now this is it. haven’t had much time to move things around or set things up so all i literally have is dvds, my sewing machine and one tv. everything else is in storage and i have no idea when i will be able to get them all out.

while being all extra productive i finished a dress in only about 10 hours and then was stuck. i ended up sitting there for the rest of the day watching movies i’ve seen fifty million and one times and all i could think was, “i hope to God this won’t be my life forever!” that statement served as just a little reminder of why i have to make it. i don’t know where “it” may be or when i may get there but it has got to be somewhere other than here and its got to be coming sometime soon…


i have long established i can’t be one of those people who sits at home all day getting fat and lazy. i like to be out. i like to be seen. i like to do stuff. lolz. i just have way too much that goes on in my head to just be able to sit and wait for life to happen to be…. i’m a make life happen-er! haha.

i guess i just need to regroup with me myself and i. thank goodness its new years time ’cause this is a new year’s resolution for that behind! Jill of M.O.S.T. will definitely be a priority this upcoming year. no more hobby. time to be full time, 24/7/365 with it. maybe that’s the lesson to be learned in all of this. maybe that’s what i need to not feel,  don’t know. so bleh…

*this  post is hella random and it had a point but that got lost a while ago. i haven’t posted in a while and had to get stuff off my chest. bare with me, por favor. lolz


i ♥ movies that inspire me…

so i saw BURLESQUE… give me a moment. .::breaths::. so yea. i saw BURLESQUE the sunday after it opened and it was amazing! I loved it from the beginning to when the fire alarm went off and paused it in the middle, right straight through to the end! lolz if you haven’t gone to see it yet, GO. if you have, go see it again!

its a typical story but for some reason it still caught my attention and never let it go. *spoiler ahead*

its about the main character Alison (played by Christina) and how she leaves her little rinky dink town to make it big in Hollywood. she curses out her boss, steals some money (well not really but… .::sighs::. anyways) and makes a smooth b-line for the greyhound station. cliché i know but what can i say… i ♥ it!

so she goes on audition after audition and gets nowhere fast. forced to live in a motel she contemplates sending a postcard home but i mean, if you seen where she was staying you’d understand why she didn’t. finally she’s walking around in a cute lil’ midriff bearing top and stumbles across a club, burlesque, pays $20 (which is way too much to be charging in the daytime for you to see some half nekked chicks) to get and is automatically drawn to it.

fast forward past the fire alarm, she’s working there, gets treated like crap by the other girls, one in particular who tries to set her up, sings her ass off and then proceeds to steal the show the rest of the way through. There’s some flirting, some Cher, who by the way looks fan-FRICKIN-tastic and some other stuffs all mixed up in there.

* i’m trying not to give it all away. its so hard!

but anyways on to what i really wanted to talk about. this movie has truely inspired me. though i am not an aspiring actress/singer/dancer/showgirl the morals, lessons and most importantly the costumes in  this movie  just goes to show that a lesson is best learned more ways than one. we can forever say “if and first you don’t succeed” and all that and you can watch every movie, documentary or whatever that says the same thing but for some reason each time you hear it it somehow sounds like its brand new.

when i first saw the preview i automatically thought that it was chicago all over again. i love chicago and so i initially went just to compare but ended up falling in love with the storyline anyways. and the costumes… oh the costumes. words cannot explain. don’t believe me… see for yourself!

dress of straight pearls!



hand print leotard!




Coco = token bad black chick!

reactive versus proactive…

so on my way home today i was struck with a sudden thought. what word would i use to describe my day, reactive or proactive? i know it seems like such a silly question but i can help but notice how much it gets asked. every interview i’ve ever gone on, every motivational speaker i’ve ever listened to, all have asked this very question in more ways than one. so from now on i thought i would end each day thinking, was i reactive today or was i proactive? was i both? how, when and why? what came out of it? and how can i be better?


if i had to be 100% honest, i would say that today was a totally reactive day. i didn’t initiate much of anything that i did today and i feel super sad. i’m not proud of this fact but i am willing to acknowledge it and hope to make tomorrow a way better day. i started off waking up late because i couldn’t sleep last night so i was up way too late. had to dash to my organization meeting (had to get fed, lolz #iKidd) then pretty much slumped around. i mean, i did get a chance to catch up with a friend, also helped some freshmen with a step routine they had to work on for a competition coming up in a few days and i went to a black conscious summit and discussed some really interesting topics. even though i did all of these things, none of them were on my original to do.

so with all of that being said, how would you rate your day? reactive or proactive? please feel free to share!


“there are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.”

my life is now a circus…

fully equipped with juggling acts, disappearing tricks and a strong woman like you’ve never seen!

since starting my new job, things in my life has gotten very… complicated. i am balancing a exec-board position at school, branding my new business as well as this not so 9 to 5… not to mention, QT with the boo’ster as well as wind down time with the homies. i’m starting to think it can’t all be done.

the mistake of letting my monday go by as it pleased killed me. while fighting the pillow monster and his evil sidekick comfy sheet man i completely forgot that i had two back to back events on wednesday and thursday night (update: thursday’s got moved to next tuesday, thank you Jesus!) plus a dress to be ready for a fitting on thursday and done by friday. not to mention i was scheduled 3 days this week including a double show on saturday. #fml right?!? wrong!

after slightly breaking down about all that was going on, i took a step back, regrouped with me, myself and i and realized that it can be handled. all i need is proper planning and for people who say they have my back to really have meant it. everything happens for a reason and i’m sure there will be a lesson in this mess somewhere. if and/or when i find it, i’ll be sure to let you know. .::wink::.

monday monotony…

i hate mondays! each and every monday is the exact same. my weekend stuffs takes over my life while i should be resting, then i end up sleeping in on monday and screwing my whole week up!

this monday was no different. i woke this morning to a monsoon (thank you south east weather!) and felt really blah. this weekend was epic, went to a conference in birmingham alabama. it was both educational as well as foolish. my friends/e board members and i kno how to have fun and thats all i am going to say about that, #evl. but yea, i had a great time, didn’t really sleep much and man did i pay for it. i fell out as soon as i got home only to wake up and fall out again less than 3 hours later. somehow, after all that sleep i still managed not to get outta bed til about 3pm today. i washed my hair, got online and answered some emails all the while feeling like total crap.

after getting my life semi together i trekked to the office where i normally do my work, only to arrive even more tired than i was this morning.  now i know this may sound strange to you but this happens to me each and every monday! and i don’t know why. i’ve tried vitamins, caffeine, you name it but nothing seems to work in jump starting my monday and setting me in the right direction for my week and it sucks.

any suggestions??? send me a comment below and let me know how you get your mondays rolling. you’d be saving my life! lolz

round and round…

hey! its been crazy these last few weeks but i’m but surely getting back into the swing of things…

little update: i got a job. and high paying one at that! i know i stand firm as a womentrepreneur but i still got bills to pay, lolz. but yea, i really like it. its not exactly what i wanted but i am grateful none the less.  pay is great and its an opportunity to learn so much. i’m excited.

but anywho, on to more pressing issues. i think i have found my niche as well as my “signature” look. everyone success has a signature look. the donald has his comb over, oprah has that gorgeous hair, local celeb stylist olori swank has her adorable blue mohawk, it was only a matter of time before i found mine and i got it! i still gotta tweek it a bit to make it just right but i can’t wait for the debut in the next week or so. #excitedtweet

but yea… i know this post seems kinda scatterbrained but i just have so much going on in my head i don’t know which to type first. i am excited that i finally have my gears in motion, my dream of owning a fashion empire is slowly coming to a reality. spring/summer 2011 is kinda my big break and its coming faster than we think. i know i have accomplished a lot but there is still so far i have to go and i can’t wait!

im back…

yes yes, i’m back and i’m here to stay! i had a trying week last week and fell all the way apart over the weekend. yesterday i took the day to reflect, think about some things, and gather the strength i needed to keep going.

part of my recovery can be attributed to me going out with a friend of mine. we went to a movie, got a few drinks and just kicked it. something i hadn’t gotten to do in so long. i haven’t had any homie time in a minute. but i got it in, and now i’m back!

so what’s been going on with Jill of M.O.S.T. you ask?? well, i have been working on a halloween costume for a friend of a friend and its is going to look amazing! he’s going as kurt from glee as lady gaga (i know right, lolz) i would show pics of progress but my camera is m.i.a. yet again. urgh… but i will have pics of the finished product. promise.

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