fashion 101…

pics courtesy of were posted not too long ago of the jimmy choo for h&m collection, and let me just say,

me likey… me likey alot! but i cant help but notice that this has been the year of the guest designer. in may, h&m had matthew williamson and although his stuff was fly it was really pricey. the cheapest item was a $40 rayon peacock top and the most expensive was the olive green 100% leather jacket. lucky for me i had the hook up and was able to snag a bunch of items from the line at 50% off…

then in the second week of september there was anna sui for target. her line was inspired from my favorite book turned show, gossip girl and those flew off the racks and onto ebay’s pages before i even got a chance to see (poo!). and now, scheduled for november 14th, jimmy choo for h&m!

ooh i can’t wait. gotta start looking for plane tickets now because i would hate to wait for it here in da A and have my feelings get crushed. ltastime i checked, they were only sending the choo’s to 250 stores WORLDWIDE, and you know europe got h&m on lock and they just opened up shop in tokyo this past summer… plus what better way to re-bond with my homegurls back in the big apple than an all night vigil in front of the herald square h&m waiting on some limited edition, once in a lifetime shopportunity?? exactly!


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