pomp and circumstance…

hey there…

i kicked off my summer making a graduation dress for my bestest homie.   it was the prettiest shade of yellow and was extra cute and extra girlie, just like her.

*please excuse the picture it was taken with my camera phone on my bed. i promise to do better…

sucks she didn’t really like it though.when she told me i was crushed! i mean, she wore it and took a half picture with me in it, but a few weeks later she confided in me that she didn’t really like it because it was too plain. i admit, i did tone it down a bit, ok a whole lot, but it was only because i know i’m the more wild one in the friendship and she doesn’t really get my personal style  but it turns out i don’t really get her personal style either.

when we went to the fabric store i ran a bunch of ideas by her and after getting the idea that she wanted something simple i just assumed she would love the simple silhouette but as it turns out i was way off mark. well, there goes my personal lesson about assuming stuff.  until her, i had a perfect track record of satisfied customers but as i had to set my feelings aside and get back to what truly mattered, making the customer happy.

so it was back to the drawing board. i got the dress back, took it apart and started reconstruction…


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