diva b: african designer?!…

after my graduation dress mishap im still feeling kinda low. i still haven’t finished the reconstruction process (sorry boo) partly because i’m having creative road block and party because of my internship… i know that horrible to do my bestest friend this way but i just dont know what to do. plus she’s already gone off to grad school so i can’t meet with her to see what she might want done or to have her refitted. (reason number 156 why i need a dress form. oye vey!)

but about my internship… for three months, may through july, i interned with the now former miss liberia in the u.s.a. it was an amazing experienced and it taught me a lot about myself as a designer/seamstress. i learned that i work extremely well under pressure but i am phenomenal when i plan my stuff out properly. go fig! lolz i only made a handful of all the pieces i wanted to make but i am happy how the stuff all came out. i was challeneged in ways i couldn’t imagine and it actually got me to thinking about what i want to specialize in. every designer is universal in their craft, but there is  one or maybe even a few things that they do better than all others. for example, donna karen has the classic business professional look down pat. alexander mc queen (r.i.p.) had haute couture on smash. and then here i am. i’m still trying to find what my mine will be and it’s not the easiest of tasks at this point. hrumph!

this summer i got to work with a lot of african patterns and prints, something i had never done before. the way you have to manipulate some of the fabrics, the patience it requires to deal with matching seams and shade lines… i’s still amazed at my self. i really didn’t know i was capable of doing so well. i mean, i know i am good, but i never thought i was that good you know. almost to the point where i considered solely working with african fabrics.

i don’t know how solid of a plan that will be, especially since my internship is over but it is definitely something i will be considering. i will give it some more thought as i continue to grow both professionally and personally. stay tuned…


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