daily designer dilemmas…

so i am going to start a new series called, fashion: daily designer dilemmas or  “fashion 3D”

so my first dilemma came up this past friday evening. i have a new client that is looking to start an on going contract of projects with me and she happens to be an acquaintance of sorts so i know i have to do a phenomenal job. i was hella excited and looked forward to starting on project numero uno. it was to be a v-neck dress with puffed and shirred sleeves and a shaped waist band. i bought the pattern i needed (or the one i thought i needed at the moment) and took her measurements and was well on my way.

i got started on the dress but after only a day in my client decided to change her original request. she no longer wanted the banded bodice pieces. i thought that would have been my only issue but much to my surprise it was only the tip of the iceberg. so i proceed to redo the bodice pattern and then  cut out my piece. i have them all cut and ready to go for her fitting and bam, here comes the coup de gras! no matter what stitch size, tension rate, or stitch choice, it turns out the fabric is unstitchable. no seam is staying sturdy what so ever. first i thought it was the type of tread. after trying it out a few more times, i caught a ride with a friend and got not one but two different types of thread. when neither of them worked i slowly fell into a panic. she needed that dress for that night and i  wasn’t even able to finish one seam!

so what happened you ask? well after sitting there with this look of despair written all over my face, i guessed that whilst in the fabric store the wrong fabric, in the right color, got chosen. instead of a nice knit cotton i had wanted, we got a nylon blend of sorts (i.e. bathing suit lining). at the exact moment i realized what had happened, all i could hear was my 11th grade pattern making teacher telling us about how bathing suits require a special machine to sew. [cue ah-ha moment…now!] yes friends i couldn’t sew the pieces together because i didn’t have the right machine. the euro-pro i have is great, fantabulous even, with denim (up to 8 layers), cotton, and silk. but it was no match for the teal bathing suit lining we accidentally purchased.

this was not my ideal first encounter with this new client, so after realizing what went wrong, i called her up, explained the situation at hand and she was understanding, yet i still heard the disappointment in her voice and that made me sick. i felt/feel so bad you don’t even know. i hope to make it up to her starting bright and early monday morning and creating a totally new piece that will knock her socks off!

so the lesson learned is: always double check before having the employees cut something. if they don’t know what it is you are planning to make they will cut whatever you put in front of them, and you know they don’t do refund on pre cut fabrics so you will be royally screwed if you don’t pay attention.


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