what is a womentrepreneur??…

(pron: wom-on-tre praˈnaur)

this post was inspired by my very good friend of mine, shawtel asemota of soa event concepts llc and writer of http://theunemployedentrepreneur.blogspot.com/. she has truly been an inspiration to me.

today’s topic: successfully leaving the dead end work force to pursue your dreams.

as we have been told it’s a recession going on out there in the real world. there are barely enough jobs out there for everybody and here am i trying to give you tips on how to leave the little piece of job you have but before you hit me with the side eye, hear me out. yes, there aren’t enough jobs out there so my question is why wait around? i mean, your bill collectors aren’t going to stop calling just because you ask them to. no one wants to hear “when I get it, you will get it,” especially since they can get their money however and whenever they please whether you like it or not, but i digress.

back to my point, these are the best times to start your own business. if you can’t just up and leave your place of employment because of certain financial obligations then by all means stick with it, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on or delay your dreams. how about for all of you who may be scraping for extra house at your part time job, try taking fewer hours a week and use some of that extra time to get your business plan together. figure out all what it is you can do that has potential to be profitable. do you sing, dance, paint/draw? can you make things? these are a few talents that can be profitable.

now that we’ve gotten the ball rolling on that one, here is another question for you. is your new founded talent based business cost effective? if its cost you $200 to finish one project but you are only getting about $50 a month to fund this new business, after paying bills that is, is this something you need to continue doing? this brings me to lesson numero uno: there is nothing wrong with starting small and working your way up. i personally love that about the current state of my growing business. i feel like i am benefiting the most from all this work i am putting in now because when i get to that point of extreme fame and fortune i don’t know how hands on i am going to continue to be. i don’t mind taking minor tailoring and alteration job here and there, they help fine tune skills you already process while helping to build my brand and reputation…

*stay tuned for another episode of the adventures of the unemployed womentrepreneur!

**special shout out to soa event concepts llc! you can find her at www.twitter.com/SOAEventConcept and at http://theunemployedentrepreneur.blogspot.com


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