hancock fabrics…

better be on the look out ‘cuz i plan on tearing that place up, you hear me? there columbus day sale is going on this week and this weekend they will be having a major sale on patterns. mc call’s patters, butterick patterns and simplicity patterns are all $1. vogue patterns are $3.99.  i couldn’t be more excited. especially since i got me a preferred customer card… #tdfun!

i got approached with an offer from a friend of a friend to make his halloween costume (he wants to be kurt from glee as lady gaga) and so i may be able to work it out so that instead of getting “paid” he just buys me all i need from hancock’s. i mean, that’s all i was gonna use the money for anyways. lolz. i already stalked the website and got my list together so honey, i am ready to go. but i can’t forget about fabric or notions*. 30% off fabrics and wait for it… 50% off notions… all of them! iFaint! iSwoon! iRegain composure… but yea, i have to get my stuff together for my own halloween costume, my client’s outfits and my friend’s outfit for her photo shoot later this month. oh, the photo shoot… man,  its about to be fantastic! my outfit for her is a surprise but i’m sure she’s gonna like it. its gonna press her to step outta her comfort zone but i’m dying to make it and its gonna look so fab she won’t even notice.

but yea, i can’t even begin to express how badly i want stuff to work out this year. i only have 2 months to finish accomplishing all that i am trying to accomplish and there is still so much work to do. but i have faith! i shall overcome!!


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