womentrepreneurship pt 2…

as crazy as it sounds, i left my part time retail job in july of 2009 and to some people it was the stupidest thing i could have ever done. “you were getting paid so well.” “you had the best benefits.” “they are a wonderful company to work for, why would you leave?” while all of these things were true, i still signed those papers, accepted my last check and roll bounced my way up out of there. why? because I didn’t feel that the company as a whole was benefiting from me being there. yea, my store was doing ok as far as profit records went but that was it. there was no direct correlation of how well i was doing to how good i felt about working there and that was a major issue with me. plus, deep down i felt like i could do better by myself. half of the garments we sold, i could make. a few things, i could make better but that is beside the point. i just felt like that job was not what i wanted.

what I was looking for was a career and in part of my career plans lay the desire to be self employed. i want to make my employer (in the most recent case, myself) wealthy not the other way around. i don’t want to have to work to earn my keep and that’s exactly what working retail had me feeling like i was doing. so i dipped. it wasn’t easy at first. i had to file for unemployment and even contemplated getting food stamps to help offset some of my loss. to my great fortune, six months after i left retail, i was approached with an offer. i was asked to create a one of a kind piece for a friend for payment. it was my first paid gig and i must say it saved my life. just when i was getting ready to give up, i was saved! from that moment on i was everywhere fashion was needed. school productions, friends, family, friends of family and family of friends were all hitting me up and it is great!

so here I am, a year and some odd months later, i have a little more experience under my belt and I am forever learning more and more about this business of being an womentrepreneur. i am not yet completely self-sufficient to where my business is my main source of income but I am looking to get there very soon!


with that i say, i’m diva b. and i’m a [womentrepreneur]!


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