learn something new everyday…

so i was originally on Fashion Bomb Daily when i came across their new designer spotlight post: azede jean-pierre… she’s really talented. i read the post on her, then ventured on over to here blog, newcomer.  then like i always do when i am intrigued by someone’s blog, i added her to my google reader (fyi: i love google reader! its the best thing ever!!!!) that’s when i got to read one of her newer posts that gave me the greatest ideas ever. if i am to make it in this wild but wonderful world of fashion i need to be a little more organized. i have my planner and all that but i need somewhere to keep all my ideas for my jill of M.O.S.T. creations… i need a process book! somewhere to post my inspirations, my sketches, my patterns and more.

i’m lowkey mad i hadn’t thought of that before or learned about it in high school-thanks a lot FIHS (#ikidd) but i’m just happy i learned about it now. now i get to go ahead and get started on my spring/summer 2011 collection the right way! i’m all kinds of excited now. i will be making my trip to utrecht in the morning (after hancock’s that is), will be in the office printing, clipping, snipping and gluing away. i cannot wait!

*so i go to add ms. jean-pierre on facebook just now and it turns out she knows quite a few of my friends, some from when she went to scad and some from my school now.  small world ain’t it?? lolz, and like most i live for connections… ;o) #veryexcited


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  1. SOA
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 10:51:45

    I think that’s a good idea. Especially for creative types like us, you HAVE to have an organized and compact area to hold your ideas and resources. I personally keep a notebook with information and design ideas, as well as quotes and sketches. Keep up the fabulousness!!!!


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