daily designer dilemma dos…

so a while back when my home girl first started her seam-stressing company last year she ran into a bunch of problems with one specific client. to make a long story short, the dress was a surprise gift and the person it was intended for got the wrong information from the person who was paying for the dress to be made, she was called all kinds of  unprofessional (even though she, in my eyes, didn’ t do anything wrong) and it really got her upset. as a person starting out, you never want someone to discredit your professionalism, especially when its unwarranted.

as an up-and-coming [enter profession here], professionalism can make or break you. so after that lovely learning experience we took to the web and found a sample client contract and promised we would always implement it to keep things from happening like that ever again. with a client contract both parties know what is to be expected and to what standard of professionalism they each are going to be held to. i kinda forgot about my client contract but upon realizing i can see things getting out of hand as i take on multiple clients at once i have no choice. i cannot place myself in a situation to have bad things be said about me with out proper proof of what was agreed upon. the easiest way to nip those type of things in the bud is to have them implicitly spelled out on paper, signed, and dated.

thats not to say i think my clients are shady and would bad mouth me the first chance they get, its just so that i can sleep at night knowing that they are getting the best service and knowing that i have a standard to uphold and will do all that is in my power to uphold it. so with all that, i sent a copy of said contract to a client today and hopefully he gets a chance to look it over. i will give him as much time to look over it as he needs and ask questions as he sees fit before things get going. i didn’t want to bombard him but i will consider this fair warning… *diva shrug*


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