im back…

yes yes, i’m back and i’m here to stay! i had a trying week last week and fell all the way apart over the weekend. yesterday i took the day to reflect, think about some things, and gather the strength i needed to keep going.

part of my recovery can be attributed to me going out with a friend of mine. we went to a movie, got a few drinks and just kicked it. something i hadn’t gotten to do in so long. i haven’t had any homie time in a minute. but i got it in, and now i’m back!

so what’s been going on with Jill of M.O.S.T. you ask?? well, i have been working on a halloween costume for a friend of a friend and its is going to look amazing! he’s going as kurt from glee as lady gaga (i know right, lolz) i would show pics of progress but my camera is m.i.a. yet again. urgh… but i will have pics of the finished product. promise.


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