round and round…

hey! its been crazy these last few weeks but i’m but surely getting back into the swing of things…

little update: i got a job. and high paying one at that! i know i stand firm as a womentrepreneur but i still got bills to pay, lolz. but yea, i really like it. its not exactly what i wanted but i am grateful none the less.  pay is great and its an opportunity to learn so much. i’m excited.

but anywho, on to more pressing issues. i think i have found my niche as well as my “signature” look. everyone success has a signature look. the donald has his comb over, oprah has that gorgeous hair, local celeb stylist olori swank has her adorable blue mohawk, it was only a matter of time before i found mine and i got it! i still gotta tweek it a bit to make it just right but i can’t wait for the debut in the next week or so. #excitedtweet

but yea… i know this post seems kinda scatterbrained but i just have so much going on in my head i don’t know which to type first. i am excited that i finally have my gears in motion, my dream of owning a fashion empire is slowly coming to a reality. spring/summer 2011 is kinda my big break and its coming faster than we think. i know i have accomplished a lot but there is still so far i have to go and i can’t wait!


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