monday monotony…

i hate mondays! each and every monday is the exact same. my weekend stuffs takes over my life while i should be resting, then i end up sleeping in on monday and screwing my whole week up!

this monday was no different. i woke this morning to a monsoon (thank you south east weather!) and felt really blah. this weekend was epic, went to a conference in birmingham alabama. it was both educational as well as foolish. my friends/e board members and i kno how to have fun and thats all i am going to say about that, #evl. but yea, i had a great time, didn’t really sleep much and man did i pay for it. i fell out as soon as i got home only to wake up and fall out again less than 3 hours later. somehow, after all that sleep i still managed not to get outta bed til about 3pm today. i washed my hair, got online and answered some emails all the while feeling like total crap.

after getting my life semi together i trekked to the office where i normally do my work, only to arrive even more tired than i was this morning.  now i know this may sound strange to you but this happens to me each and every monday! and i don’t know why. i’ve tried vitamins, caffeine, you name it but nothing seems to work in jump starting my monday and setting me in the right direction for my week and it sucks.

any suggestions??? send me a comment below and let me know how you get your mondays rolling. you’d be saving my life! lolz


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  1. Brownbelle
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 09:27:55

    If you rest too long it’s counterproductive and makes you sluggish. So if you didn’t get up until 3pm that would be the culprit lol…green tea is a nice little pick me up though.


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