my life is now a circus…

fully equipped with juggling acts, disappearing tricks and a strong woman like you’ve never seen!

since starting my new job, things in my life has gotten very… complicated. i am balancing a exec-board position at school, branding my new business as well as this not so 9 to 5… not to mention, QT with the boo’ster as well as wind down time with the homies. i’m starting to think it can’t all be done.

the mistake of letting my monday go by as it pleased killed me. while fighting the pillow monster and his evil sidekick comfy sheet man i completely forgot that i had two back to back events on wednesday and thursday night (update: thursday’s got moved to next tuesday, thank you Jesus!) plus a dress to be ready for a fitting on thursday and done by friday. not to mention i was scheduled 3 days this week including a double show on saturday. #fml right?!? wrong!

after slightly breaking down about all that was going on, i took a step back, regrouped with me, myself and i and realized that it can be handled. all i need is proper planning and for people who say they have my back to really have meant it. everything happens for a reason and i’m sure there will be a lesson in this mess somewhere. if and/or when i find it, i’ll be sure to let you know. .::wink::.


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