i ♥ movies that inspire me…

so i saw BURLESQUE… give me a moment. .::breaths::. so yea. i saw BURLESQUE the sunday after it opened and it was amazing! I loved it from the beginning to when the fire alarm went off and paused it in the middle, right straight through to the end! lolz if you haven’t gone to see it yet, GO. if you have, go see it again!

its a typical story but for some reason it still caught my attention and never let it go. *spoiler ahead*

its about the main character Alison (played by Christina) and how she leaves her little rinky dink town to make it big in Hollywood. she curses out her boss, steals some money (well not really but… .::sighs::. anyways) and makes a smooth b-line for the greyhound station. cliché i know but what can i say… i ♥ it!

so she goes on audition after audition and gets nowhere fast. forced to live in a motel she contemplates sending a postcard home but i mean, if you seen where she was staying you’d understand why she didn’t. finally she’s walking around in a cute lil’ midriff bearing top and stumbles across a club, burlesque, pays $20 (which is way too much to be charging in the daytime for you to see some half nekked chicks) to get and is automatically drawn to it.

fast forward past the fire alarm, she’s working there, gets treated like crap by the other girls, one in particular who tries to set her up, sings her ass off and then proceeds to steal the show the rest of the way through. There’s some flirting, some Cher, who by the way looks fan-FRICKIN-tastic and some other stuffs all mixed up in there.

* i’m trying not to give it all away. its so hard!

but anyways on to what i really wanted to talk about. this movie has truely inspired me. though i am not an aspiring actress/singer/dancer/showgirl the morals, lessons and most importantly the costumes in  this movie  just goes to show that a lesson is best learned more ways than one. we can forever say “if and first you don’t succeed” and all that and you can watch every movie, documentary or whatever that says the same thing but for some reason each time you hear it it somehow sounds like its brand new.

when i first saw the preview i automatically thought that it was chicago all over again. i love chicago and so i initially went just to compare but ended up falling in love with the storyline anyways. and the costumes… oh the costumes. words cannot explain. don’t believe me… see for yourself!

dress of straight pearls!



hand print leotard!




Coco = token bad black chick!


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