that’s how i’m feeling right about now. i can’t explain it, nor do i know what to do to change it but today is not the day for me. i may have thrown my life balance off by being so super productive yesterday, but geez i had no choice. without cable and internet to distract me i was just in the zone.

i recently moved, don’t know how much more moving i can take but for now this is it. haven’t had much time to move things around or set things up so all i literally have is dvds, my sewing machine and one tv. everything else is in storage and i have no idea when i will be able to get them all out.

while being all extra productive i finished a dress in only about 10 hours and then was stuck. i ended up sitting there for the rest of the day watching movies i’ve seen fifty million and one times and all i could think was, “i hope to God this won’t be my life forever!” that statement served as just a little reminder of why i have to make it. i don’t know where “it” may be or when i may get there but it has got to be somewhere other than here and its got to be coming sometime soon…


i have long established i can’t be one of those people who sits at home all day getting fat and lazy. i like to be out. i like to be seen. i like to do stuff. lolz. i just have way too much that goes on in my head to just be able to sit and wait for life to happen to be…. i’m a make life happen-er! haha.

i guess i just need to regroup with me myself and i. thank goodness its new years time ’cause this is a new year’s resolution for that behind! Jill of M.O.S.T. will definitely be a priority this upcoming year. no more hobby. time to be full time, 24/7/365 with it. maybe that’s the lesson to be learned in all of this. maybe that’s what i need to not feel,  don’t know. so bleh…

*this  post is hella random and it had a point but that got lost a while ago. i haven’t posted in a while and had to get stuff off my chest. bare with me, por favor. lolz


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