some of my designing and seamstressing skills include:

-patternmaking: i am able to make my patterns by hand myself. i have a collection of slopers* from highschool. women’s bodice size 8 and women’s skirts from sizes 4 to 18. i have recently gotten used to using manufactured patterns starting with the McCall’s brand.

-draping: i do not own a dress form, (i am still actively looking) but i am well versed in the art of draping. my favorite techniques include bias draping as well as blazers and trenches with lots of structure. it never hurts to add a hint of glamorous flare though.

-alterations/tailoring: not to toot my own horn but, i understand fit like no other. so far i have done alterations for school productions as well as for family members at home as well as friends around campus.

-custom designs: i have recently started exercising my creative juices and had my hand at custom designed pieces. i started off my fashion career with doing reproductions of garment clients saw being sold and although i am really good at recreating  the items that they might not have been able to purchase otherwise, i will  always add on my own personal twist. no designer ever wants to be a copy cat and i am no exception!


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